Join the Global Coalition for Social Justice

The Coalition invites diverse partners from all sectors.

We are searching for partners to join us in advocating for social justice, adhering to UN and ILO principles, and actively contributing to global social justice efforts. By uniting our strengths, we can have a meaningful impact, promote policy coherence, and work towards a world where social justice is integral to renewed multilateralism.

Complete the form to express your organization’s interest in joining the Coalition. After submission, we will contact you to provide more detailed information and to inquire further about your commitment.Join us in creating a future where freedom, dignity, and equal opportunities are accessible to everyone.

Please reach out to should you have any questions.

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Focal point

It will then be requested to provide one technical and one advocacy & communication focal point.

As an authorized representative of my organization, I seek to associate my organization with the Global Coalition for Social Justice.
I understand that:

  • partnership in the Coalition is voluntary and open to actors who are willing to contribute to the Global Coalition for Social Justice objectives and advocacy efforts.
  • becoming a Coalition partner represents a commitment to supporting the cause of social justice. It also offers an opportunity to: network and exchange knowledge, tools and expertise; build or strengthen engagement and partnerships with other relevant stakeholders; and share and showcase engagement and achievements with other partners.
  • participation in the Coalition’s activities, especially at the operational level, will be governed by the rules and practices agreed by the partners involved in those activities.

I declare that my organization will seek to contribute to advancing social justice and the SDGs at the global, regional and/or national levels, including through multilateral cooperation:

  1. advocate for social justice and uphold the principles and values of the UN and the ILO, including the fundamental principles and rights at work;
  2. commit to developing, independently or in collaboration with other actors, one or more actions or initiatives aimed at significantly advancing social justice.

Your organization’s application to become a partner will be submitted to the Global Coalition for Social Justice secretariat. Once finalized, your organization’s logo and website link will be featured on the website.